Cool Critters Parties for Birthdays and Events!

In a one-hour visit from the Nature Guy, your young party guests will get to hold many tame and friendly creatures and will receive a wealth of information about some of the world's coolest, most fascinating and sometimes largest, insects, arthropods, reptiles and amphibians.  Longer shows can also be booked at the host's request and, time permitting, we can play games involving these cool critters.

A favorite interactive game is Fear Factor; where your party's bravest participants face numerous photo worthy challenges like letting giant hissing cockroaches climb on their arms, tree frogs cling to their cheeks, and lizards eat from their hands. This game includes 5 or more creepy or disgusting (but not dangerous) dares!

Our show animals are carefully selected for their good health and gentle temperaments.  Appearing in over 300 appearances each year, these animals are held by thousands of children and are very accustomed to high-energy crowds!

Cool Critters is both licensed and insured. A word to the wise:  Many traveling animal shows are not licensed animal exhibitors and/or do not carry liability insurance so, for your protection be sure to inquire.

The Nature Guy is not a pet retailer, but should you wish to purchase an animal as a birthday gift, he would be happy to advise you on appropriate animals for your child (and may be able to recommend reputable dealers in your area). Many well meaning parents have made the mistake of purchasing animals that are prone to become ill tempered as they get older or animals that soon outgrow their child's ability or willingness to care for them.

The Nature Guy's animal collection includes many of the species he considers to be the 'coolest' and most practical pets for children. As a result, your party will serve as an excellent opportunity for parents and kids to see and learn first hand about some of the most suitable pets on the market.

Located in Southern California, we serve the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Northern San Diego.

For more information, prices, and to schedule an appearance, please click here to contact us.